Happy April Fools Day.... I've got you ALL !!!

W00t, w00t, I’ve got you guys!!!! This is an APRIL FOOL, did you really believe that I was going to end this amazing adventure just because there are not as much comments as I’m expecting to have. RosenbaumMedia is having a blast of success, and I’m not gonna stop just here in the middle of this success.

Sorry for those who really believed the story I posted about closing this site (you really should have clicked on the link I've given you on my previous article, you would have known that I was just joking), I wanna thank you all for your very nice comments, it was really incredible to receive all these comments, PMs and emails, that really proved me how much you love this website, and that's already enough to me. again thank you, but this doesn't stop here, make sure to read below to learn more !!!!!!


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Farwell RosenbaumMedia, You'll be missed.

After several weeks of very long thought, and since I've noticed that the popularity of this website is going down day after day I came to the conclusion that I needed to put an end to this adventure after three long years, that's sad but unfortunately true.

As i've said it more than once, running such a website requests a huge amount of money, especially when it comes to exclusive pictures, and unfortunately I don't have enough time and money to update it as much as I used to, in addition, having very few comments on each of my articles made it even worse since that reflected how many persons were really interested by what I was posting here.

A decision had to be taken and even if I'm sure this will break the heart of many of you (if not all), I've decided to put an end to RosenbaumMedia,

To learn more about the reasons that made me take a such drastic decision and maybe even post your comments, click here.

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Look to My Hair ! ! ! They're Freakin' Awesome ! ! ! [Photo Included]

Once again Michael Rosenbaum is using his twitter to share with his fans one of his newest comedy pilot project that we reported yesterday, here at RosenbaumMedia.us.

Click here to view this picture in a larger format.

And if you wanna check out the other photos Michael has posted on his twitter and share your opinion with the other fans, make sure to visite our dedicated topic "Michael & Twitter" .

On set playing DUTCH, lord of the douches,in Seth Gordon project.Total blast.Notice frosted tips.Terribly rad!!!!  [1]

And I got to wear man uggs. Just terrible! Freaking blast today friends!! [2]

I guess they're just uggs for men. Made that shit up. My brother actually is sitting here calling them muggs. Good one Eric. [3]

FYI: hair was for role. Good lord. Hilarious! [4]

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter  [1][2][3][4]
Thanks to lillianschild for the email tip.

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Get Ready, I'm Shooting the Pilot ! ! !

Just a quick news I'm posting here, to let you know that Michael Rosenbaum has announced on his Twitter account that he was filming early today the comedy pilot for FOX directed and produced at the "Sony  Pictures Television" by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon.

To learn more about the pilot, check out our previous article.

Early.Filming Goldberg/ Gordon pilot today.Good times.Chicago jammed last night.Spade was in front of me rocking to "Hard habit to break".

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter
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Yeah, yeah, I'm on Sony Lot ! ! !

Michael Rosenbaum just posted a new picture of himself on the Jeopardy (Sony) lot, where he's doing his new TV project, via his Twitter!!!

To check out this new picture, click here.

In addition to that, Michael has also posted another tweet, where he is thanking all his fans who are supporting him, especially after all the bashings he had lately on his twitter and that we reported about here.

And thanks for all the support on the new show. Great feedback! Very exciting.

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter
A lot of Michael fans are gathering over RosenbaumMedia Coffee Time and are trying to come up with other good ideas (besides the tweeting support), to show him our total dedication and true support on his future none Smallville related project, and we invite you to join us here and share with us your opinion and ideas.

A huge thank you goes to AshleyCreedy for the quick email tip, and also thank you to both Rosen_geek (from MRO) and lillianschild for the mobilization on supporting Michael Rosenbaum.

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The Word is OUT ! ! !

Yes you've read it right !!! The big secret news about Michael Rosenbaum's new project is out and it's Michael himself who has tweeted about it.

here is an excerpt of what The Hollywood Reporter website has posted exclusively :

"Syfy is making a push into live-action comedy with "Saved by Zeroes," a single-camera half-hour from former "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum, Sony and Happy Madison.

Rosenbaum and Jonathan Silverman are set to star in the project, created by Rosenbaum and based on his personal ...'

It seems that in addition to the Fox comedy project with Adam F. Goldberg (airing this season) that we reported about a couple of days ago and this new Syfy action comedy series, Michael Rosenbaum  has also started writing with Adam F. Goldberg a new horror movie.

If you add to that the big screen project he's doing as he's gonna star in a comedy movie titled "Father of Invention" (release date : 2010), you can honestly say that Michael Rosenbaum is pretty much busy this year!!!!

To discuss more about Michael Rosenbaum future TV Project, join us here.

Thanks to Redlockscot for the email tip.

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Michael Needs the Support of His True Fans

This is a guest post by RosenbaumMedia.us reader lillianschild, If you want to see your article here as well, just write a post and send it to my email, or post it in the News Section of RosenbaumMedia Coffee Time, If it’s good and new enough, it will be published.

Michael Rosenbaum's been receiving a lot of hate tweets ever since he ratified he won't be coming back to Smallville last Monday.

He DOES need to know there are lots of people out there who are happy he is moving on and that his efforts to work on other projects are starting to pay off.

So how about showing the guy some love for taking one of the wisest decisions of his career- staying away from Smallville and helping us preserve the beautiful memories he left us?

Go to his Twitter and show him you really care: mrosenbaum711

You can also show your support by adding the tag #supportrosey (created by lexalicious) to your tweets.

You can  comment on what  lillianschild has posted, here

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Yes, There is a Life After Smallville ! ! !

If you recall, we posted few days ago an article about  fans' opinion on Michael Rosenbaum life after Smallville, and it seems that he's replying to that article I posted as he tweeted today about a future role he's gonna play very soon.

Yesterday, one of our member, lillianschild, shared with us an interesting piece of info, as she reported to us that Michael Rosenbaum was shooting something in Los Angeles, and that he seems to be pretty busy this week.

Well, it seems that the source from which lillianschild got her info was reliable, as Michael Rosenbaum has publicly acknowledged his fans on his Twitter about it, and for those who are wondering it's not a Smallville related project *wink*

Lots of good news coming soon. I have to shut up until I'm allowed to say something. Patience young jedi's.. [1]

Sorry. It's not Smallville related.I've already stated that I'm not returning.I'd never lead you guys on like that.I appreciate your support. [2]

Not the big big news yet,but I'll be playing a really funny role in Adam F. Goldberg/Seth Gordon comedy Pilot for FOX,with Christian Slater. [3]

Can't wait to tell you some more shizzle.That's a euphemism for shit.Talk soon.Rock on Health Care! Rock on Tears for Fears!Rock on friends! [4]

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter  [1][2][3][4]

I've dug up some interesting info on that possible TV project  he'll be featuring in, but I guess we'll find out more about that pilot Michael will be playing in, when Fox will announce its pick up on May 17th.

Fox has pacted with "Four Christmases" helmer Seth Gordon and scribe Adam F. Goldberg on a comedy about a group of twentysomething geniuses who are tasked with cracking computer security systems.

The single-camera project hails from Sony Pictures TV and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison shingle. The untitled laffer stems from an idea of Gordon's that he developed into a series concept with Goldberg and the Happy Madison crew. Goldberg will pen the script and exec produce if it is picked up to pilot. Gordon is onboard to helm the pilot, if it goes, and exec produce.

In addition to "Christmases," Gordon's credits include the docu "King of Kong." Goldberg is penning the script for DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon."

Gordon and Goldberg are repped by WME.

Source : variety.com
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Awesome Tears for Fears concert. Need I say more?

For those who were doubting Michael Rosenbaum really rocks, and he proved it to us today. It seems he's a huge fan of the 80s British synth-pop & pop rock band Tears for Fears, formed by Roland Orzabal (the frontman) and Curt Smith .

He tweeted about their last night concert and posted a video of himself while he was in the middle of the crow singing with them.
Tears for Fears concert. Need I say more?

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter
Total blast at tears for fears and then I get home and I get the health care news. Wonderful.Check me rocking!

Source : mrosenbaum711@twitter

lillianschild was kind enough to post about it in the News Section of RosenbaumMedia Coffee Time, and provided to those of you who are interested with a downloadalbe version of this video

You can watch the video online and/or download the HQ Divx or MP4 versions, here.

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